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Sometimes a nice long ride on the bike with the crisp autumn air nipping at you is all you need to do to remind yourself that all of this is temporary. Savor the moment.


MEET THE MAKER is a docu-short series featuring authentic and innovative culinary artisans in the St. Louis area.

This series brings the audience into a world of handmade artistry with intimate footage and personal narrative. Viewers hear each story in the craftsman’s own words, bearing witness to candid musings on creativity, fear and following a dream.

Vol.2: The Roaster
After abandoning careers as a chemist and attorney, Scott Carey opened a third-wave coffee shop in south St. Louis. His stubborn and meticulous dedication to roasting seasonal beans and delivering the perfect cup of coffee has earned local and national attention, but the story that drives his determination is even more compelling.

The story behind my favorite brew bar. Great job, keep it up.



Vancouver: Never before have I been in a city that was as able and eager to strike up a conversation.

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The Story by Mobstr

This put a smile on my face. Continuing on from Mobstr’s "Playing With The Buff Man" series, The Story tells the tale of the on going dance between the artist and the so called “Buff Man” as they both fight for control over the wall.

Artists: | Website | [via: Vandalog]



The Empire State Building Made from Bicycle Tracks


  • "before" picture of a typical American "neighborhood main street"
  • "after" sketch. Check out the sharp corners, bump-out sidewalks, center turn lane, parklet, dedicated truck loading zone and of course the buffered bike lanes

NACTO Urban Street Design Guide 

via bikeportland: Three local agencies just endorsed these visions for better streets, 19.12.13.